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Entrepreneurship, professionalism, technological structure, a wide product range, women's and men's collections. We produce and supply superior quality silk and mixed silk fabrics to flagship companies around the world.

Serica 1870, a century and a half of entrepreneurship by your side.

A historic company such as ours has distant roots but, by itself, a date does not create an entrepreneurial success story. From foundation of the mill in 1870 to the beginning of Tessitura Serica Trevigiana's activities in 1948, through the consolidation as "Serica della Marca" up to today's "Serica 1870", we have never stopped innovating.

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Ad hoc collections and products for all seasons

The best weaving technology and fashion search to provide you with collections and custom-made products for each season.

A century of experience

We produce high quality silk and mixed silk fabrics, putting the result of a century of experience in the silk industry at your service. We follow and implement the entire production process, transforming yarn directly into a distinguished fabric.
Our pattern books are the result of continuous experimentation, which even goes beyond silk, to provide superior quality fabrics to the leading fashion and clothing companies for women and men.
The perfection of our fabrics is a key strength recognised by the leading national and international brands.

Technology & Control

The most advanced technology at the service of a constantly controlled production cycle.

Lean Production

The company constantly invests in advanced technologies and directly controls the entire production process. To reduce the time of delivery, a statistical forecast calculation system that manages inventory and organises the production-supply cycle has been developed.

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Latest generation plants

The Warping Department, equipped with two Benninger Supertronic machines and a Karl Mayer machine for samples, is able to perform any work, also on behalf of third parties.
The Weaving Department is equipped with 48 latest generation Picanol looms.
The Dyeing, Printing and Finishing department offers a full cycle of:
star frame scouring, dyeing (star, torpedo, jigger, boat, flow), structured finishing and full print cycle.
At the end of the cycle, the in-house Control Centre is able to map defects.

Quality as the guiding principle

We base our business on the cornerstone principle of quality: of the product and of the process.
That is why, since 1999, we have been awarded the most important industry certifications:

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
- certifying body: Det Norske Veritas -

Creativity and research at your service

From historical archives to design product, an in-house creative department capable of creating fabrics and seasonal men's and women's collections to meet your every need.

Company Archive

It holds drawings and fabric samples from 1948, as a source of inspiration and reference.

Seasonal Collections

The Women's Collection and the Men's Collection present the aesthetic and technical proposals of the Product Creation Department.

Ad hoc proposals tailored to the Customer

The Product Creation Department provides a customised service to meet the wishes and creative directions of the main Fashion Houses, to move from an idea to a finished product.

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An international sales staff dedicated to you

The Marketing and Sales Staff of Serica 1870 is the business structure for collaboration with customers; it is responsible for activating a creative and production process that involves every single Customer and Serica 1870 in an integrated way.

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Always present at important calendar events

We periodically present our collections throughout the world, participating in major textile trade fairs in Italy, Europe, the United States and China.

event calendar

13 - 15 February 2018 Season S-S 2019
20 - 22 February 2018 Season S-S 2019

In Italy, since the beginning

We have changed greatly between 1870 and today, the technologies we use and the products we offer have changed, people and factories, perspectives and horizons have changed, but never the belief that the authentic "Made in Italy" contains the value essential for maintaining and ensuring the absolute quality that the high-end world market always demands of us.

Serica 1870 s.r.l.

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